E4 TPR Series 8″ Stainless Steel Apple Corer with Ultra Ergonomic TPR Soft Rubber Handle – Kitchen Hacks

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buy now $12.95 E4 TPR Series Apple Corer Are you tired of buying kitchen tools that last for a few uses and then end up in the trash? Looking for a kitchen tool that’s easy and fun to use? The E4 TPR Series Apple Corer is the tool for you.... more

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Brieftons InstantVeg Spiralizer: Vegetable Spiral Slicer, Safest to Use, Best Veggie Pasta Spaghetti Maker for Low Carb/Paleo/Gluten-Free Meals – Kitchen Hacks

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buy now $35.00 more

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Crock-Pot SCCPLC200-R 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Red – Kitchen Hacks

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buy now $19.94 Features a removable food vessel Bring flavorful meals to work Lunch is Ready on Your Schedule Desktop dining is looking up! The Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer is a lunch tote and food warmer in one that warms while you work for delicious on-the-go meals that are... more

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8 Crazy Stories About Presidential Drinking – Cocktails

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By: Kristin Hunt Credit: Wikicommons Bookstores recently got a new guide to executive boozing in the form of Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking. We decided to check out Mark Will-Weber’s book ourselves for some of the headiest, most interesting tales of commander-in-chief cocktail parties, and... more

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Set Of 6 Mr Muffin – “Muffin Top” Baking Cups! These Novelty Jean Shaped Molds Create a Hilarious “Muffin Top” Look As The Batter Rises And Spills Over The Waistband! A Must Have For Christmas Gifts And To Spice Up Every Day Baking! Delight Your Guests With These “Cheeky” Baking Molds And Share A Laugh And A Delicious Muffin Or Cupcake Today! With Mr. Muffin Baking Cups You’ll Also Receive FREE Access To 1000s Of The Latest Trending Cupcake And Muffin Recipes, Tips, And More! – Kitchen Hacks

By: | 0 Comments | On: November 20, 2014 | Category : Kitchen Hack

buy now $19.99 Has Baking Become A Chore Baking should be fun. I love making special treats for my friends and family, but sometimes it gets a bit boring making the usual batch of muffins. Be Creative With Your MUffins Luckily, Mr Kitchenware has come to the rescue with these... more

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Burnt Sugar Old-Fashioned Recipe – Cocktails

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By Lucy Madison There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned old fashioned. It’s a tried-and-true classic. But sometimes it’s nice to change up the formula—which is why we’re so into this burnt sugar variation. The bitterness of the caramelized sugar cuts through the sweetness of the drink, balancing out the... more

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Best Do It Yourself Fruit Popsicle Molds Loved By All Kids – Ice Pops Sticks Popsicle Makers. Make a Popsicle Factory. – Kitchen Hacks

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buy now $37.95 DISCOVER A NEW HEALTHY TREAT You too can make your own favorite Popsicle Flavor – These convenient and easy to make fruit popsicle molds are designed for children and parents to enjoy at home or on the go. Why spend extra on store bought popsicles that have... more

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Culinary Couture Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat Set, 2 Pack 16-5/8 x 11 Inch, Premium Series Multi-Use – Kitchen Hacks

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buy now $14.95 At Culinary Couture we take great pride in providing the highest quality professional bakeware. Here are some of the benefits our silicone baking mat offers: PERMANENT NON-STICK: It will not lose this feature even after thousands of uses. Nothing sticks! ULTRA SAFE: 100% food grade silicone and... more

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Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor, Metallic – Kitchen Hacks

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buy now $59.88 Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor – 67608 Overwhelmed by all the juice options available today? Looking for the ideal juice drink that’s fresh, free of preservatives and tastes 10 times better than store-bought juices? Take the plunge and go with Hamilton Beach’s Big Mouth Pro... more

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Smart Food Scale – Prep Pad – Kitchen Hacks

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buy now $149.95 Prep Pad is the smart food scale that gives you real-time insight into your food. Prep Pad helps you create more balanced meals through beautiful visualizations of calories, carbs, protein, and more. Together with the Countertop app, Prep Pad gives you the clarity and confidence you need... more

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